Unstake before Friday the 15th of JAN

2 min readJan 18, 2021

(Note: This is a former post that had disappeared following out Marketing account hack)

Hi guys,

just a VERY IMPORTANT reminder: Please UNSTAKE from the pools.

Deadline is the 15th of JAN.

After this date the team will recover tokens from the contracts to create a new reserve that will be poured into AnyStake as the pre-loaded reward.
As a result, anything not UNSTAKED before the 15th of JAN will be lost. (that includes your rewards AND your stake)

Reminder: AnyStake rewards come from trading fees AND this pre-loaded rewards, making sure that even if the trading volumes drop the staking rewards remain pseudo-constant)

As a result, please UNSTAKE from all the farms (Dungeon, Laboratory and Palace) before the 15th of January.

Here are a couple of tips:

1- farms do not yield anymore, so you don’t gain anything by waiting.
2- gas fees can be high: pick your moment
3- unstaking is not time sensitive: use a lower gas price (Gwei) and let the transaction run overnight, you’ll save a few bucks.
4- don’t go chasing these 5 DFT on the rewards. The cost-benefit is not interesting. These will be flushed and poured into AnyStake anyway.

As usual, please reach-out to the team if you experience issues.
On a personal note, you’ll find me more easily on DISCORD than Telegram.

If some of you guys need help, let us know so we can help. Keep in mind that we need these “DFT leftovers” to pre-load AnyStake.

— DeFiat