January 2021 — Dev Update

Dear DeFiat community,

January was a crazy month for us. As we are finalizing Anystake, the project got hit with a Twitter and Medium hack. The core of the hack was an email address we had been using and sharing with a core-founder. This founder decided to go rogue and locked us out of our accounts (as well as stole some marketing funds).
The good news is that our fellow team member has been kicked out of the project. The even better news is that this person had absolutely built NOTHING for the project since its inception.

Snakes don’t build. They crawl.

Lets turn the page on that, and let us share some good news with you.

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1- ANYSTAAAAAAKE: Get ready for testnet!

Before we launch a product, we like people to test it. It’s how you find issues, and this process is 10x more efficient than an audit in general.

We want you to be ready, so here are some elements to get you on the starting blocks:
We will test on RINKEBY: Make sure you know how to swith your metamask from the mainnet to Rinkeby (and vice versa…)

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We will use the existing R-DFT token that is live on Rinkeby. The team will come with a detailled post with the token address on the testnet.

We are going to setup a beta tester’s program: Ksenja will soon publish a dicument for you to enroll. We will reward the best helpers.

2- Oh… btw, we are not just launching Anystake…

We decided DeFiat needed a well deserved refresh on the front end side. More readable, more modern, with a live feed from the Medium… a FAQ… Lots of good stuff coming.

Here are some snapshots of what the site will look like:

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All this goodness is almost here. Hang on with us.
We are sorry you guys had to switch to a new twitter, and even more sorry about the Medium being slowly rebuilt (3 posts a day).

Please continue to push on social media. You recent work has been amazing and shows results on the market side. You guys are worth 10,000 marketing agencies!!

Anything, please feel free to contact us.

— The DeFiat Team

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Web: https://defiat.net

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