Dear community,

Yesterday was a sad day.
An esteemed member of the team has decided to go rogue and decided to change the passwords and lock the team out of their Twitter account.

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this is not this guy

We tried to get the account back with Twitter, but unfortunately without success. We are still asking the Twitter support to CLOSE the former account.

Today, we decided to roll a NEW Twitter account.

The DeFiat core team remains the same:

“QuantSolider” lea
“Stupid”… now “Called DeFiat_Dev1"
“Ksenja” for Marketing
“@penomics” for tg moderation
“Gram” for strategic inititiatives

Any inquiry you get from an unknown person trying to spread fud or misinformation: Please report to us via PM.

We are gathering intelligence to build a legal case in the event of our former ally going rogue again and trying to discredit the project with baseless accusations or rumors.

Again, we are trying to be as transparent as possible here, therefore feel very free to ask us ANYTHING on telegram or discord

Thanks for your support guys. You rock!

— The (slimer, yet better) DeFiat Team

Twitter: (NEW!!)

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