IMPORTANT: DFTP contract upgrade!!!

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Dear community,

We recently saw some unwanted interactions with the DFTP contract.
A hacker exploited a flaw in the code and managed to mint 300 DFTP (defiat POINTS) and send them to Uniswap.

The size of this “heist” remains modest (<1ETH), but it’s a great opportunity for us to show the resilience of the DFT ecosystem from such issues.

For the record: The issue was a coding flaw (@stupid here: I am 100% responsible), where a function allowing to mint 1 DFTP was left “public”.

This critical code issue needed to be mitigated.

As a result we had to respawn a new token. The new contract corrects the flaw and is available here:


1- remove all liquidity from DFTP on UNISWAP (if you added some).
take rewards from the DFT-DFTP pool
unStake from the DFT-DFTP pool.

Then keep your DFTP in your wallet. Wait for a swap :-)

We just made a snapshot of the current balances to swap with the new token in the following DAYS. This snapshot will be updated following the DFTP unstake/rewards and Uniswap liquidity removal.

We will setup a manual swap to identify the hackers and will blacklist them.

I already wrote to Binance (tx origin for ETH) to identify the hacker/exploiter.


DFT is untouched/unchanged. Nothing impacted the main token.
Our liquid governance and upgradeable architecture allows us to solve the DFTP problem easily with a new token. Next step is a DFTP token SWAP.

In details:
1- the creation of DFTP per transaction is
The only way to acquire DFTP is to FARM them from the farming contract
A NEW farming contract will be setup in the following days.

2- your discounts RESET, but DO NOT “update discount” on the dashboard until the swap happened.
Once we do the swap, you will be able to update your TX discounts for when transacting with DFT.


As usual, any question, feel free to ask.

— The DeFiat Team

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