The First 24 Hours

More of these tokens coming soon! Epic imagery from @Doc_and_Stocks

Insights and Analysis

Such a long and boring title… but such an important element of our protocol. Anystake will allow external partners to stake their tokens and have their stakers receive DFT tokens.

When we distribute our tokens, how do we, as a community, also get benefit from these partners?

A Primer on the AnyStake protocol

Today, we have two words to say: USER INTERFACE.

Our legendary developer, Quant, has deployed Anystake’s TestNet UI, putting us in TestNet Phase 2.

Shoutout to @cryptocoinrocco on Twitter/TG for awesome GFX

“How long ’til Mainnet, sir ?”

Dear DeFiat Community,

The future is now and upgrades are already here.

Thanks to DeFiat’s ecosystem contract structure, we have the ability to upgrade the governance and the points contracts without having to touch DFT.

Enters DFTPv2 and DeFiat’s new Governance contracts.

Dear community,

The last few hours were intense. Intense for you and for the team as well.

As you may know, the LP token lock deadline was the 24th of February.
This technically would allow the team to get these tokens from the lock contract and possibly remove some liquidity.

The time has finally arrived… it’s time for…

wait for it…

AnyStake Testnet

An upgraded experience for DeFiat’s keystone service: AnyStake.

Just in time for AnyStake, DeFiat’s website has been revamped and reloaded! This long awaited version features mobile compatibility (via WalletConnect), more DeFiat network informational resources, dashboard updates, and a complete site re-theme.

See DeFiat Reloaded, live now:

Let us know what you think!


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