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The Team at DeFiat has been diligently working on expanding and perfecting our ecosystem despite market fluctuations and trends. In order to keep our community up to date, we’ve decided to introduce a development series to our list of communication activities.

The latest progress in the DeFiat ecosystem has focused on two major areas:

  • Anystake Tokenomics
  • Anystake Front End
  • Voting / Governance Upgrades
  • Snapshots
  • DeFiat Client Optimizations

Anystake Tokenomics

As we prepare to release Anystake, our dev team is focusing on dialing in the tokenomics to ensure a seamless and sustainable launch.

AnyStake Front End

Upgrades are currently underway for our website to utilize the Anystake protocol. Our developers have been working with community members to find friendly solutions while refactoring our CSS. We're making improvements to the totality of our website as we work diligently on one of our most innovative and anticipated features. …

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Announcing the Winners!

DeFiat Community,

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2nd DeFiat Meme Contest!

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries! While it was a hard decision (the Pepe memes were great!), we wanted to reward the creativity and artistry of these specific participants. We are excited to do more of these in the future, so if you didn’t get picked this time, there will be more chances to contend in the near future!

And now…

We are delighted to announce our winners:

1st place (100 DFT):


2nd Place (50 DFT):


3rd Place (25 DFT):


Congratulations to the winners! Please reach out to @gramcustodian in the @defiat_crypto Telegram to claim your DFT prize! …

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Dear community, 2ND Chance Meme Contest is coming out and we are glad to invite you to take part!

Meme Contest Period:
The Contest begins on Nov 2nd, 2020 12pm EST
and ends on Nov 10th, 2020, at 12pm EST.

Rewards :

- 1st Winner : 100 DFT
- 2nd Winner : 50 DFT
- 3rd Winner : 25 DFT

A hint: we do LOVE pepe’s! ;-)

What to do:

Create the meme (thank you Capt’n Obvious)

Post the meme in your twitter We will save your name and meme

Tag: $DFT, #2ND and #SECONDCHANCE in your tweet.
and make sure to mention @DeFiatCrypto twitter account as well
→ otherwise your meme will not count!

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Prepare your wallets to recycle your rugged tokens!!

Dear DeFiat Community,

We have had a busy few weeks working hard to prepare the launch of 2ND Chance, by DeFiat.

Today we go LIVE!

From this moment onwards, you will be able to recycle all the exit scams and rugged tokens taking up space in your wallet and put them to work to earn passive income.

Below you can find a simple tutorial which will help you to swiftly trade your dead tokens for new 2ND tokens so you can begin farming immediately.

Step 1:

Visit the official DeFiat website and connect your MetaMask.

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Step 2:

Select a token you want to recycle in the dropdown list. …

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Dear DeFiat community,

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our new product, 2ND Chance! 2ND Chance is not only a new feature for the DeFiat ecosystem; it is a service we genuinely hope will help the greater Uniswap community. 2ND Chance will go live on Friday, October 30th, 2020 on or about 3pm EST/12pm PST.

The Problem:

Many of you have experienced the emotional high of participating in an exciting new Uniswap listing, only to share the anger and sadness that followed when the project you invested in “rugs” (ie: team exit-scams). While Uniswap has provided the DeFi space with an exciting new platform to launch projects, unfortunately, it has not yet implemented features that prevent scammers from withdrawing liquidity and running off with your ETH, leaving you with useless, worthless ERC20 tokens! After reading about the countless scams launched each and every day, we decided to take action. …

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Dear DeFiat holders we have got great news!!!

As stated in our white paper, currently the fee structure is whitelisted for exchanges such as UniSwap. This structure generates smaller fee’s while we create a sustainable economic model for DFT users. As we progressed, UniSwap was whitelisted because their system was blocking “Fee On Transaction” tokens. As a result, enabling the fee for Uniswap would have resulted in breaking the trading system making DFT un-tradeable.

Following the success of CORE, and defunct forks like ENCORE, or UniCores liquidity wrapped solution. …

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Our first AMA is a set of compiled questions and responses from our loyal community members

What does the name DeFiat mean?
Our name is, first and foremost, a mission statement. Many of the yield-oriented monetary experiments provide their yield through a minting mechanism that prints money to pay the extraordinarily high initial and ongoing yields. Inflationary minting mechanisms steal wealth-value from those who hold and save for the long term while transferring that wealth-value to those in charge of the printing process. As stated in our White-paper , DeFiat aims to move away from money-printing-funded economic models. For us, it’s about being a positive and professional actor in the DeFi space.

And how do you pronounce that, again…?

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Fiat money is everywhere. It’s a part of our personal and professional lives and talked about by millions of people daily. It is so prevalent that many of our life decisions revolve around it. But once we considered what fiat money meant to us, we could only think of the negative aspects. Fiat is inflationary, central governments and institutions control it, and the general public has almost no say in how it is operated and maintained. We wanted to build something which challenged this, and the result was DeFiat.

The name DeFiat symbolizes more than just a simple blend of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and Fiat. It is a reminder of our goal to demonstrate that a self-sufficient ecosystem, which is self-governed and rewards participants, can be successfully created and maintained in a decentralized manner. We set out to achieve this by considering what the downfalls of our current monetary system were, and what fundamental principles we could implement to help solve them. …

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The new DeFiat white-paper is live! Our team is proud to have launched a comprehensive white-paper, along with a roadmap and the basics of our functioning token economy. We, at DeFiat, understand that the DeFi space is fast-paced and so we are here to transcribe our white-paper in totality for those on the go. We have committed to keeping this under a five minute read so that anyone can be informed about DeFiat, whether you’re currently traveling, dealing with shrinking Q4 deadlines, or locked down under quarantine.

Here’s your five-minute read for all that is DeFiat.

DeFiat Features

The DeFiat Ecosystem enables governance and rewards loyalty while serving as the gateway to equitable DeFi services. The token exists to promote strong safe-rails which are seen in many blockchain projects, while also allowing flexibility enacted through the community. DeFiat at its heart is a deflationary, staking token. Every transaction automatically creates a token burn and associated transaction fee. Staking will be a key feature, where transaction fees stored in the treasury will be re-allocated towards staking yields. …

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